Preschool – Coed

Tumble Tots (18 months – 3 yrs)

45 minutes involving parent/caregiver
Parent/caregiver and their young toddlers are introduced to the magic of movement in gymnastics through the use of games, obstacle courses, parachute play, and pint-sized apparatus. Lots of adult participation makes this class fun and safe for the little ones. Classmates focus on body coordination, gross motor skills, cooperation, and taking turns in a structured environment.

Jumping Jacks (3 yrs)

45 minutes
Fundamental beginner skills are taught along with proper body positions in a structured and challenging environment. Students become familiar with all events as they follow a preschool curriculum specifically designed for gymnastics. Colorful obstacle courses, trampoline, and tumble track keep the fun going. Balance, focus, and body coordination and control are key components of this class.

Leap Frogs (4 & 5 yrs)

1 hour
This class is an introduction to the next level of gymnastics in a more structured setting. Following our pre-school curriculum, young gymnasts gain better awareness of the basic skills, including the forward roll, cartwheel, donkey kicks, and pike position. Self-confidence and skill progression are emphasized here.

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